What to Expect

Welcome to New Journey Church of God Holiness – our Sunday Services begin at 10:45am

♦ Someone will welcome you and show you where things are. They may tell you about the connect card on the perforated flap of the bulletin.  This card is how you can connect to a lot of different things (events, serving, prayer requests etc…).

♦ The band will lead in worship.

♦ The ushers will take up an offering (the normal giving that helps support the ministry of New Journey). This is where you can deposit the completed connection card, but we do not expect our guests to give anything else.

♦ The pastor will give a relevant, Bible based message.

We do our best to respect your time and close the service by 12:00.


what about my kids belton new journey church
The Kingdom Kids leaders are great at inspiring our kids to trust in and live like Jesus. Your kids will have a blast! If you haven’t checked out Kingdom Kids, today is the day!

On Sunday morning children up to age 3 can play and learn in the staffed nursery. There are Sunday school classes for all different age groups up through high school, and junior church during the regular service for those up to age 12.


Get online and let your friends know you’re here! Now that your phone is in your hand…please take the time and put your phone in silent mode.


We try to stay connected in lots of ways. Check the links below for ways to like or follow us. Also, feel free to give a review on google!


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PARKING / Handicapped Access

If you have trouble with getting up and down the stairs to the front door, there is a ramp to the rear entrance off of the gravel parking lot. Feel free to use any of the parking spots, or to park along 157th St. if the lots are full.

what to expect at belton new journey church of god holiness

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